Certification in veterinary assistance is a formal recognition by an organization—such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)—that you have achieved the education and skill level held by that organization to be the nationally recognized standard of quality. Kaduceus offers the exceptional training and education you need in order to be successful as a certified Veterinary Assistant. Kaduceus students receive instruction in animal care and necessary clinical skills. Certified Veterinary Assistants use a wide variety of animal medical equipment; a great deal of training within our program focuses on the proper use of that equipment in medical practice.


The Kaduceus Veterinary Assistant curriculum provides a thorough breakdown of the basic essentials deemed necessary for agriculture teachers to convey the information fluently and effectively to high school students. Our VA program will train the student to be proficient in restraining animals; setting up equipment and supplies; cleaning and maintaining practice and laboratory facilities; feeding and exercising animals; obtaining and recording patient case histories; collecting specimens and performing laboratory procedures; providing specialized nursing care; preparing animals, instruments, and equipment for surgery assist in diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures; exposing and developing radiographs (X-rays); advising and educating animal owners; and supervising and training practice personnel.


Only teachers certified to teach Agriculture Science Food and Natural Recourse courses may teach the course, and students are certified as a Certified Veterinarian Assistant (CVA). After students complete the classroom/hands-on training portion, they will be eligible to sit for the Texas Veterinary Medical Assistant Exam immediately.