The MBC program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits required for an entry-level position in the medical insurance billing and coding field by offering problem-solving exercises by utilizing real-world scenarios. The MBC program places a strong emphasis on ethics, accountability, professionalism, and the individuals' commitment to the pursuit of lifelong personal, educational and professional development, as it relates to the medical insurance billing and coding field.


Students learn best through "hands-on" application; however, the Kaduceus MBC Program offers teaching techniques that facilitate the learning styles of all students (e.g., kinesthetic/tactile, visual, and audio). The MBC Program also encourages active student participation by incorporating group discussions, projects, interactive lectures, review games, and computer labs/internet activities.


The Kaduceus Medical Billing & Coding Program prepares and qualifies students to sit for the national certification exam as an Insurance Coding Specialist through NCCT Inc.


Medical coders, Health insurance specialists and Medical billers are in very high demand, and thus, we have geared our curriculum to adapt to present field requirements. Successful candidates are employed by hospitals, healthcare units, clinics, nursing homes, and insurance companies.